On the easel today…


Today 8/27/2015 I have on my easel a piece that initially begun as a warm-up painting, if you will, to a commission I recently received. I say “warm-up” because I sometimes take breaks from painting, and when I get back in the mode small paintings are my practice pieces. In a sense I refresh my talent. I initially thought this painting to be an experiment with technique as well. In so doing I would also find my comfort level, seeing that the commission would be considerably larger. After posting some initial pictures of my process on sites like Instagram and Facebook attention towards the piece grew, that’s when I decided to not only use it as practice but as an actual composition.

The colors I chose in the piece were from a very warm palette. I also wanted to add vivid life to the composition through the application of bright highlights coming from the setting sun, which I wanted to affect almost every object and every part of the painting. I wanted to create a calming mood; the mood you get in the late evening, leisurely walking along the beach, enjoying the warmth of the setting sun on your skin.

I added some natural elements to the composition- rocks, a few birds in the distance, little patches of land rising up out of the water showing depth, and a sailboat. These all serve to harmonize the whole composition. In the lower right of the composition an easel with a canvas propped on it is present. On the canvas an unfinished representation of the sunset in the background is present. I used this technique to create a dual point of engagement for the viewer. I want you the viewer to be engaged in the piece, where you can imagine yourself being the one painting this beautiful scenery, right out on the beach.

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8 responses to “On the easel today…

  1. Hey! Great work here, Adrian! I think it’s fantastic you’re starting a blog on WordPress (I love WordPress/I’m a blogger myself (when school leaves me time… and work)). I think it’s a pretty great platform to get your work out there; and I think it feels a bit more “official” in comparison to Tumblr (you have more freedom to be “yourself” here verses Tumblr).

    Congrats! Keep rocking it! I’m going to follow you here and look forward to seeing what you share with us!

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  2. Love the view of the setting sun and the addition of the birds compliments the piece. The easel tells that there is someone in the background capturing the beauty. As a kid I enjoyed watching the birds at sunset and often wondered where will they end up.

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    • Thank you. I echo your thoughts on the birds. I was recently asked: “if i were to be an animal, what would I be?” my reply was, a bird. They have the ability to escape it all, by simply flying. Your observation of the easel in the painting is correct, there is someone capturing the beauty, you, the viewer. You are now the artist. Thanks again Marian. I look forward to seeing more replies to my pieces as I make them available.


    • Its always wonderful to hear your thoughts on my work. I’ll be posting more interesting reads so be sure to check them out.


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