The great game of life.


Life is like a game of chess sometimes, and we are only pieces being controlled by an unseen hand; a hand that we all know is there, but still question it presence. Some say time governs all things, while some believe in something more personable…someone. God. Either way, this world and the happenings therein is all controlled chaos, and wonderful at that. There is some level of solace in the thought that there is something greater in this life, but a slight ere of trepidation not knowing for sure what really controls things.

Being mere movable pieces in this great game, we all play a game of hide and seek. One day we are the seekers, curious, full of wants and needs, hopes and dreams; looking for something to believe in, someone to comfort our wondering minds. Another day, we are the ones hiding. We hide things about ourselves that trouble us; things that we wish to conceal and have only our soul to be privy to.

All we have is time in this great game. Time can change all things- time can heal. In time we stop searching and even hiding. Then and only then we become the ones controlling the game we had been only movable pieces in.


6 responses to “The great game of life.

  1. I love this Adrian. Ever since we connected online, I’ve always felt uplifted by our communications. I love sharing the work you’ve posted on our site and now I love your writing just as much. Thanks for this beautiful piece. It’s an honest take on how our emotions and confidence can change from day to day.
    Best to you,
    Founder –

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    • I am most certainly pleased that you like and appreciate my work Paula. This illustration is about real life to me, and how much we are just mere pieces in this great game which we have only an idea that we are apart of. Thanks you for your comment.


    • Thank you Lee Ann. The idea me to me on a whim and I ran with it. I think it speaks to our ignorance of how life really works, and who or what is in control of our lives. It will be a complete painting here soon as well.


  2. I can absolutely relate to this piece and the meaning you put behind it. Life is so full of unpredictable happenings you can only wonder if the “hand” making the plays is “trying to win” or merely “enjoying the game”. Keep up the good work Adrian…this is really deep!


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