On the easel today.


On the easel today features my newest painting, and my first sports figure piece. From the picture you may already have some idea who it may be. In case you were thinking that it was JT Barrett from Ohio State, you were right. I chose to do this painting because of the performance of JT, and the Ohio State football team so far in this 2016 season. There is an interesting element to this piece though, as most of my paintings do contain. This painting is not only a portrait of JT, celebrating his successes as a player for Ohio State, but it is also an iconic representation of one of my favorite Ohio state Players, who is now apart of the Dallas Cowboys. You guessed it, Ezekiel Elliot (Zeek).

Zeek had a signature style about him while he was playing for Ohio State, and that signature style is what I incorporated with the portrait of JT. I wanted to tie in the representations of both of these two great OSU players, and create something unique, that is identifiable with them and their legacy.

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