Artist Statement & Contact.


    The Artist.

Life is a journey filled with signs and symbols, which if realized, understood and used effectively will lead us to the greatest versions of ourselves, and compel us to assist others to be the best versions of themselves as well. Adrian’s artwork is a journey into his mind, where symbolism plays a major part.

In creating works of art, Adrian shares with you a part of himself- and not only does he want you to see things through his eyes, but he wishes for you to claim your own personal experience through each of his creations. Adrian’s inspiration comes from a variety of subjects, which allows him to show his versatility as an artist, whether it be through his landscape and seascape pieces, or his works with the human figure and portraiture.

Themes in Adrian’s work- though multi dimensional- surrounds the black experience especially as a black artist, and is conveyed in vivid detail especially in his more illustrative pieces. His use of detail is an anchor in each piece, which serves to engage his audience and maintain visual interest, alongside the ideas within each subject matter. His skill using oil paint, his understanding of values and his usage of visual texture allow his audience to look beyond what is merely in front of them and have a deep level of intimacy through imagery.

Adrian brings a rich and dynamic approach to art from his Caribbean heritage and upbringing, which has awarded him wide recognition. His personal philosophy is that as an artist, he has a responsibility to open the minds of his fellow man, with the unique ability to convey a wide range of emotions and ideas through the gift of artistic creation. With this in mind, he creates each piece with purpose.

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