Original Paintings.

Adrian Blake-For the Fallen.jpg

For the fallen. Oil on canvas. 22×28

This painting is for all of those affected by the loss of a loved one who served in the United States army- specially dedicated to the children who are usually most affected. We can only imagine what they have to go through, mentally, as they cope with death and the loss of a parent. This painting was apart of my artist feature in the Athens messenger (here). This painting is available in print and as an original.

Adrian Blake-Purple Skyline.jpg

Purple Skyline. Oil on canvas.8×10

One of my favorite things to paint is seascapes and sunsets. There is something so calming in the scenery of a beach and a warm skyline. This painting is an intimate piece, for the artist and admirer alike. The element of a painting within a painting is aimed at engaging the viewer as an artist as well as an admirer of the beauty right in front of them as it brings to life the experience of what an artist sees as he or she creates. This painting is available in print and as an original.

Adrian Blake-Blissful Reminiscence.jpg

Blissful Reminiscence. Oil on canvas. 16×20 (Sold)

This painting was inspired by a sense of longing for being home. Created to the sounds of sensual music by one of my favorite female singers Sade, her music sparked a sense of blissfulness, coupled with my feeling of longing of being home and apart of my ancient roots in Africa. The image of Africa in the background represents this. In this piece the subject is relaxed, yet her facial expression shows one of contemplative thought; thoughts of home and heritage. Her longing for being home with the struggle of being alienated is a constant on her mind, yet she is finding solace in her strength. This piece was featured in The Journal Gazette Friday, May 20, 2016, as the face of the “Essence of Woman” exhibit which was held at the Garrett Museum of Art in Garrett Indiana. This painting is available in print only.


Exodus. Oil on canvas. 16×20

Filled with symbolism this painting titled “Exodus” is the beginning of “The Journey” series. In this piece, I aimed at giving the viewer a first-hand account of the beginning of a new start. The composition depicts a rugged looking individual, who has nothing but his possessions and a rod, similarly to that of Moses. This rod symbolizes his blessings, faith, and trust in his spiritual beliefs, which he uses as support on his journey. The rough terrain in the foreground symbolizes the current state of where he stands and what he is surrounded by. The path goes into a bend, which symbolizes uncertainty of the future and what lies behind every step and decision he makes while on this path. Rolling hills await, similarly to the topography of South Eastern Ohio, with their high summits and low valleys…these are what he will face on this journey. This painting is available as a print only.

Boots and bricks

Boots and Bricks. Oil on canvas. 20×24 (Sold)

The little town of Nelsonville Ohio inspired “Boots and Bricks”. Nelsonville’s rich history of coal mining and brick making, along with visits by American presidents Taft, McKinley, Harding, and Roosevelt put the little Appalachian town on the map. Being the home of the Rocky Boots Franchise Nelsonville’s place in history was again highlighted. This painting is aimed at fusing two aspects of its history- its people and what the town is about. Again, symbolism plays a major roll in this painting. The main symbolism is in the bricks. They represent the people of the town.

No two bricks are the same-no two people are the same, so I wanted to highlight that difference in each brick. They bear the name of the town just like each personal history that is embedded in each and every person who is apart of town. I wanted the boots to show wear, and dirt, representing the hard work put into the town by the numerous men and women who over the decades put in the sweat, and even tears into building this historical town. This painting is available as a print only.

Adrian Blake-Palm Tree Beach

Palm tree beach. Oil on canvas. 16×20

My longing for being on the beaches of Jamaica inspired “Palm Tree Beach”. This painting boasts a wonderful seascape with a path leading the viewer into the painting. At the end of the path, there is a signpost on the right. You may be wondering why it is blank; I did this intentionally because I want the viewer to be engaged in the painting and put his or her own name on this little hideaway spot on this section of the beach. The title of the painting is my own, but when you add your own title to the signpost, it will become more personal to you and have more meaning. This painting is available in print and as an original.

Beauty beyond the pane

Beauty beyond the pane. Oil on canvas. (Sold)

Inspired by the beauty of the female figure this painting titled “Beauty beyond the pane” depicts a female figure beyond a pane of glass. You can tell this effect because of the water droplets on the surface. In the title, the word “pane” is used as a pun, where the canvas is symbolically represented as a pane of glass. The figure represents a woman who has trials and tribulations like anyone else throughout life, and that is her pain. It is masked however by her beautiful outward appearance, which hides that pain, so her outward beauty is what the eyes see. Read what the current owner/collector writes about the piece in her blog (here). This painting is available as a print only.

Upper Falls

Old man’s cave, Upper Falls. Oil on canvas. (Sold)

Old Mans Cave, an oasis in Appalachian Ohio. This is one of my favorite places to be, to unwind, think and enjoy the natural beauty that Ohio has to offer. In this painting titled “Upper Falls at Old Mans Cave” I wanted to capture its enamoring beauty, showing natural light seeping through the cluster of trees blanketing the falls, as it illuminates the cool water and moss painted rocks beneath the shadows of the trees. This painting is available as print only.

Adrian Blake-Country Cabin.jpg

Country Cabin. Oil on canvas. 11×14 (Sold)

In this painting, I wanted to depict a cool, calm day in the countryside. When I paint landscapes or seascapes I like to bring the viewer into the painting, so you will typically see a path of some sort leading your eyes into the piece, creating movement. I believe that a painting becomes even more interesting when subtle implementations like these can move the eyes all over the piece, from one direction to the next, with a purpose. This painting is available as a print only.

Adrian Blake-Old Country road.jpg

Old Country Road. Oil on canvas. 8×10 (Sold)

Ever since I came to Ohio I have been enamored by the beauty of the landscape. In South Eastern Ohio, the landscape is made up of rolling hills, deep valleys, and sprawling plains. In all of this, farmhouses are everywhere, and these farmhouses have tremendous history. In my painting, I wanted to capture the beauty that surrounds me every day. From the historic farmhouses to the dirt roads and the fiery evening sky that seems to bless every evening at sunset. This painting is available in print only.

Adrian Blake-Capin By the Stream

Cabin by the stream. Oil on canvas. 11×14

The peacefulness of a stream, the cozy feeling that a cabin with its own fireplace gives, the clean crisp air of a remote country setting. All of that and more is what this painting is about. My love of tranquility and nature is evident here, and I want to bring you in to experience it with me. This painting is available in print and as on the original.

Adrian Blake-Finally Free.jpg

Finally Free. Oil on canvas 18×24 (Sold)

In this painting, I sought to represent the liberating feeling one gets in overcoming life’s everyday challenges and obstacles. I aimed at capturing the feeling of self-worth that is gained as a result of triumph in the face of adversity in their life. Surrounded by clouds, my subject is exalted to a higher existence, away from the heavier burdens that weigh her down and seeks to prevent personal success and happiness. As we live each day, overcoming each of our trials and obstacles, one day we will be able to look to the sky and feel free, finally. This painting is available in print only.

Adrian Blake-The Star Maiden.jpg

The Star-Maiden. Oil on canvas. 24×30

In Greek mythology, Astraea, best known for being the last immortal to live among humans was also called the star-maiden. She was the virgin goddess of innocence and purity but abandoned the earth as a result of the growing wickedness of man. In this piece, I wanted to represent her in her celestial beauty- she ascended to heaven to become the constellation of Virgo. There are some very unique elements to this piece that aid in its visual appeal and they all tie in wonderfully to create a beautiful composition. This painting is available in print only.


The Skeptic. Oil on canvas. 9×12 (Sold)

Skepticism allows us to be curious, holding a questioning attitude either directed towards ourselves, others around us, and different things in our environment. This attitude drives thought and even change. This portrait holds true that expression of skepticism that each person demonstrates on a daily basis as we interact with one another. The look of curious doubt that we possess, as we analyze each other and seek to comprehend not only our own actions but also those of whom we surround ourselves with, that affect our very own existence. This painting is available in print only.

Adrian Blake-Shipwreck off the coast.jpg

Shipwreck off the Coast. Oil on canvas. 8×10 (Sold)

My love of seascapes is well documented, and here is yet another. In this painting I wanted to capture that moment of tranquility when you are alone, close to the shoreline and all you have with you are your thoughts, the smell of the salty ocean water, the gentle sounds of waves rushing in, the eerie groan of that old ship nearby that was abandoned some time ago that has an unknown story, that could tell so much- if one would just listen. This painting is available in print only.

Dahlias and daisies

Dahlias and Daisies. Oil on canvas.18×24 (Sold)

Dahlias and Daisies capture the beauty of two of my favorite kinds of flowers. In this piece I took a slightly different approach to my execution: using mostly loose brushwork, especially to paint the flowers. I wanted a simple composition and one that shows that beauty in simplicity. This painting was apart of the Essence of Woman Exhibition earlier in 2016, as a donation to help a local charity in Indiana. The painting was sold to a traveling art collector who was in search of a beautiful still life while at the exhibition, to add to his collection. This painting is available in print only.

Adrian Blake-When the Rain Comes.

When the rain comes. Oil on canvas. 18×24

When it rains, it pours. Most of us have heard this saying a time or two, and know of its metaphoric meaning. This painting echoes that very sentiment, but with a twist. The imagery speaks volumes and represents the feeling of going through a period of crucifixion, and all that happens is a rainfall of challenges that can break your spirit. The symbolism is the most important part of the work, and aims to remind each and every one of us that there are so many people out there who are experiencing their own period of crucifixion, and feel the rain of challenges just like you do, but there are some who seem almost impervious to this rain, and simply just get wet from it. This painting is available in print and an original.

Adrian Blake-Boots and Bricks 2

Boots and Bricks 2. Oil on canvas. 16×20

The second installment in the Boots and Bricks series takes on a slight twist. In this painting, the quaint yet ever-expanding city of Athens Ohio is represented. Just like in the first of the series, the historic bricks of the town speak volumes, as well as the shoes that rest upon them. In this painting, the shoes represent the youth of the city, and quite frankly, a large part of the demographic that makes up the population of the town. The color of the shoes symbolizes the color of the schools that are in Athens Ohio, primarily Ohio University. Next time you look down at the bricks when you are in Athens, the person standing beside you may just very well be in shoes similar to these. This painting is available in print and as an original.

J.T in Stride

J.T In Stride. Oil on canvas. 18×24

Buckeye nation, stand up! This piece is for you. This painting is of one of my favorite players from Ohio State, JT Barrett. What makes this painting unique is the fusion of elements. I brought together the essence of two players, J.T and Ezekiel Elliot.  Zeek had made fashionable the “crop top” trend, and it had become quite recognizable for the Buckeyes. So I decided to use that element, along with my portrayal of J.T to create a piece that embodies Ohio State football. With the Ohio buckeye being the state tree, I wanted to place a subtle yet recognizable image of the state in the work- going away from the classic “O” for Ohio State, to something more traditional that embodied my idea. This painting is available in print and as an original.

Complete Surrender

Complete Surrender. Oil on canvas. 18×24

“And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” Rev. 21:2. This painting completes the “Beauty, Strength & Grace” series.  The series exemplifies all of the intangible traits that I as a man look for in the ideal woman and in Complete Surrender, it brings together all of these traits and my personal belief system which is rooted in the teachings of the Bible. Adorned in a radiant glow of light coming from the heavens signifying her divinity, she surrenders her entire being to God. This painting is available in print and as an original.

Timeless Beauty

Timeless Beauty. Oil on canvas. 24×30

To me, the true beauty of a woman manifests itself when she discovers with finality what self-acceptance truly is. This self-acceptance is of its own accord, molded by experience and realized through triumph. It is that “look in the mirror and love your imperfections” acceptance, which allows her to strut unapologetically and unabashed in a world which insists to confine beauty to cosmetic commercial taglines. Defining oneself and being totally comfortable comes with age and mental maturity. That maturity is what inspired Timeless Beauty. It was born from self-acceptance and the self-confidence that says “I am enough”.


Comfort Through The Struggle. Oil on canvas. 24×30

Struggle and hard times, we all know it to some degree. Some people experience it more intensely than others, but in triumph over them, we are forged from a fire that makes us better than when we were in its clutches. In this painting, I wanted to convey a visible level of emotion to evoke your feeling of empathy. Body language speaks volumes, and both figures are painted to impose on you visually and pull you into the painting. Her hand over his face, along with her expression suggests shared experiences. Her strength is evident; she empathizes with his struggle, forgoing her own while finding solace in providing comfort in a time of pain, challenges, and struggle.

Cloudy with a slight chance of rain

Cloudy with a slight chance of rain. Oil on canvas. 11×14

“Painting is but another word for feeling”. These words were written by one of my greatest influences in landscape painting, John Constable. In this painting, I aimed at leading my audience into the landscape and rewarding them with the tranquility of the atmosphere. From the silent rolling clouds above to the depth of the distant horizon, this painting connects you to the freedom that nature brings.



6 responses to “Original Paintings.

  1. I absolutely love your work and I was blown away by how beautifully you captured the essence, strength, gentleness and beauty of a woman in
    The Star Maiden and Beauty Beyond the Pane. The color and detail are amazing and beautiful. Blissful Reminiscence is just exquisite. I love how you have captured your passion and put it on canvas.
    You are a wonderfully gifted and talented artist.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the analytical review and pleasnt outlook on my work. I aimed at conveying strength, gentleness and beauty in those pieces- the true essence of woman. More pieces like these to come in the future.


  3. I am blown away by how well you highlighted the true essence, of gentleness, beauty and strength of a woman’s body. You are Awesome, gifted and talented Artist.


    • Thank you so much. As an artist, I see the female figure as a work of art, and I simply try to capture the essence of what I see.


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